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December 28, 2010



I got the turquoise one as well. I didn't do it in 2010 and totally regretted it. Excited to get back to the basics of my scrapbooking. :)

Carolyn E

I ordered the turquoise as well. Can't wait until it arrives! I look forward to seeing your system. I will be including a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 layouts in my 2010 for certain events (which will be a challenge for me as I don't normally scrap that size). I'm trying to finish up my December Daily and fill in spots in my Project Life 2010 too. Need to get ink refills!


I am jumping in again with a picture a day for the third year in a row. I also had the slump in about March-ish where I just wanted to quit, but pushed through it... funny how that happens. After debating back and forth with myself if I wanted to do it again this year, I pushed the "buy" button on the Amber kit. I love the pictures that I take each day, I just fall behind on my journaling. BUT I say at least I have the pictures! they tell the stores on their own if I don't get to the journaling. I did manage to do Jan-August done last week... really excited I did that much! now to finish printing my pictures for the rest of 2010! ... So happy that you are doing 2011 and hope you will share will all of us strangers out here :)


Do you know if Becky has a school kit? I thought I had read that somewhere but wasn't able to find it. Thanks for sharing your take on project life!

Nichol Spohr LLC

She did one several years ago but I dont believe its available anymore. Hope she does a new one!


I am going to do the Amber kit this year. It will be my 3rd year. I sometimes fall behind on my journaling because I don't like to journal, but I always take time to catch up with it. I am able to keep up with all my photos by using Shutterfly...so easy to load by date and they save the files until I print them out when I have a good coupon code. I all use the other binders like you for my "Big Picture approach" for my layouts and like to keep that apart of these albums. I like things to match but am okay with the kits like they are...maybe someday I'll put them in matching albums...who knows :) I like the turquoise one too..maybe I'll go and get that one too for 2012 so I have one if I don't like the newer styles or there's not one...thinking too far ahead, huh! By the way...I think I read a new school kit will be coming out sometime in 2011.


Hi Nichole!

Did anyone say they wanted the binder yet? With three daughters who love to scrap along side me, we definitely could find a use for it if it is still available :)

Sherry Ecklen

She has a new one in the works! Can't wait!
I ordered the turquoise edition.


My mom ordered me the turquoise edition too! I am super excited for Mr. UPS man to deliver it. I will be stalking him like crazy on Monday!!


i ordered the turquoise edition, and am assembling the entire album right now. i'm 75% done slipping everything in, so that it's ready to go. i skipped last year, but LOVED my 2009 album. personally, i love having this as one seperate album on my shelf. but i can't wait to hear about your plan for mixing the pages together with your regular scrapping.


Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve-----I just can't grasp the whole project life thing as I would NEVER be able to keep my photos organized with what went where by the time I got them back from the printer??????


Julie, I am selling my school kit on ebay if you are interested. I will be posting it tomorrow. It is brand new and still in the box. Just thought I would let you know if you are interested. :)


Nichol, it looks like someone already has dibs on the binder, but if they change their mind, I would LOVE it!! I want to use these binders for school kits! Thank you so much!


I've ordered the amber edition and should be arriving in the next day or so. This will be my first year at Project life. I couldn't convince myself last year, but this year no doubts about it. We have a new baby girl in the family and I am realizing very quickly that I will never get all the scrapbooking done that I want and this is my answer to "keeping up" with documenting our family's life together. Thanks so much for posting so much inspiration on your blog. I check in every day.
Happy new year.


Thanks Leslie-I will look for it on ebay. I need to find a new way to get school stuff organized :)


I created my own kit in 2009 and will never do that again...I'll just order a kit. I created a similar kit for 2010 and haven't assembled it. I'm pregnant and would love to document my new baby's life this way but am scared I wouldn't keep up. I learned from my failures and maybe I'll order a kit and you'll help me with keeping up.


I would love to hear more about our process regarding uploading/editing photos. I am starting for the first time this year and want an easy/quick process for keeping up with this.

Kirsten J

Hi Nichol, I got my turquoise Project Life today, and am so ready! I skipped last year and regretted it...but have been so inspired by all I've seen lately, especially from Becky, that I could not NOT get going! I'm curious to see how you put your album together - thanks for the inspiration!


I ordered the turquoise too. Im going to try to finish it. About the school one, I saw it and then regretted so much not getting it. Hope she comes out with a new one and this time I'll be ordering for sure.

Banu H

I ordered the turquoise one as well. Last year was my first year of doing it and I enjoyed it thoroughly. So, for sure doing it again this year.

Jill Norwood

Just ordered the amber kit for 2011...but it is already March and I don't take a picture each day...may do a weekly approach somehow...I haven't decided yet. Still excited to try a different approach to my scrapbooking. I will look forward to seeing what approach you take this year! :) Jill

Arlene Joseph

Hi Nichol! Just curious to know if you decided what approach you will be taking for PL this year? Patiently waiting... :)

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