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January 20, 2011



I love the Silhouette too but just cannot afford to buy their mats often. I try to find good buys on Cricut mats and then cut one side off to equal the size of a Sil mat and then put masking tape down that side for the roller to roll on. Cut the plastic cover too. It has worked GREAT! Just my 2 cents. Love your creativity and learn so much from you. Thanks for taking the time to share.


I tried the cricut mat Idea and found that for some reason it cut all jumbled. If the thick mats work in the older machine then that's what I'll use. I'll look in the Q&A section before I ask any more silly questions LOL
Thanks for being so sweet as to answer! :)

Nichol Spohr LLC

not a silly question at all. :)
the thick mats work in either machine. To my knowledge I dont think they even offer the old style mats anymore. The newer mats are WAY better than the others.

Michelle Liimatainen

Can I chime in for a second? I have found a great way to get more out of your mat....

When the mat starts getting icky I take a straight edge razor and gently scrape the ickie off and any little paper particles. I then use a sticky paper lint brush roller to clean the rest of the mat off. The sticky paper will usually separate from the roll, cover the whole thing in them. Then pull them up. It works like a charm and leaves you with a very sticky, clean mat.

If you find it's not as sticky as you would like spray it with some spray adhesive....but wait a bit before you add your paper. You only want it to be a little tacky. I have done this in a pinch and have never had a problem.

Thanks Nichol for all you do! :)

Nichol Spohr LLC

thanks for the tips, Michelle!


Thanks Nichol! My store still sold the both styles (this is Canada and things don't move as fast as there) They recommended the old ones (probably so they could get rid of them.) I will get the new ones! Thanks (now I can use my last old one and stop hoarding it LOL!)

Kathy (krolski)

Thanks for all the tips Nichol. Good to know!


I have been wondering about that font for ages - thanks for sharing!


Using the lint brush really does work. I've been cleaning my mats this way for a few months now and I'm shocked at what a difference it makes in rejuvenating the mat. After the mat is no longer sticky I do spray it with a repositional spray adhesive...works like a charm again. Just don't over spray it and let it dry throughly.

Mendi Yoshikawa

I have also used packing tape (gently) to remove lint from my mats with pretty good success. And then when I was really desperate one day (and about ready to throw one away) I decide to experiment and LIGHTLY rinse if off in warm water, not scrubbing it with anything, but just gently rubbing it with some dish soap and my fingers to remove all the lint and then just let it air dry. When it dried I was amazed it was really sticky again and almost like a brand new mat. I shockingly was able to get another month or two of use out of it. I'm sure it goes without saying, but I also try to always keep the cover on it and use the correct blade setting to avoid making deep cuts in the mat. My cat like trying to sleep on mine at the computer desk so I have to keep it buried under other things. :)

Thanks for the font link. I appreciate it. :)


Can you get a link for this adhesive?
I have my mat with soap and water...and mat becomes more sticky :)


I too love my Silhouette (and everything you do with it :)). I find once my mat loses its stickiness, a quick wash with warm soapy water does the job.


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