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January 16, 2012



I *just* ordered my own Clementine kit! I am going to be following along on your project for inspiration for my own! I've been wanting to get back into scrapbooking for so long now - I think this is how I'm finally going to do it! Cannot wait to see what you do this year!


I think it's fabulous and I say you can keep it up!! I started this year and already it feels so good to have pictures and words together...


As always... this is beautiful! I'm excited to follow along as well!


Oh my HERO......I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! So glad you are doing Project Life 2012. I too just ordered my Clementine kit and also downloaded her free note card set as well as the spine labels off her website. I should be receiving the kit tomorrow. The Kerri Bradford PL Weekly set is also in my possession LOL....gosh all you girls just ROCK!!! I am so thankful for having discovered each and every one of you. Looking forward to seeing your weekly pages!! BIGS HUGS, T


Absolutely beautiful Nichol. I really like the "mini scrapbook page" approach. Each section looks stunning, but still co-ordinates overall.

Terrie Snow

Well u did it!!!!! I am inspired. Ever since I discovered Project Life (from your blog of course) I have wanted to buy it. I've had a hard time finding it in stock. I will keep looking tho. I love love love scrapbooking and I dont seem to have the time to spend on it like I want. I'm a nurse and I work midnights so I struggle managing my time when im off work. Project Life is the perfect solution (I think). I just ordered a new camera; should be here on the 20th of Jan. Yay!!! Just need to buy my project life kit and get started. Thank u for ur inspiration. You r truly gifted Miss Nichol.

Linda in aus

Oh good someone else I can get inspiration from.. I started last week and sat there for twenty mins completely overwhelmed and put it all away. I then went to Mish's blog and got heaps of ideas after that it was easy peasy. I love how you treat each pocket as a mini page, that is what I hope to do. So thanks in advance coz I know you will give me heaps of ideas.


So excited that you are doing this! I did my first one last year and loved it. Hoping to add more of my style to this years. I too am loving what people are doing with it and I'm very excited to see what you do to it.

Little nat

Good luck Nichol! I will follow this with great interest! I'm really keen to do PL myself but I know that with an 8 week old baby it's not a good idea at the moment.... I am doing Project 365 though and downloaded the app at the end of last year which is going well at the moment. It's a great way to record the small things!

I love your style and the videos so this will be an interesting project to watch come together and I promise to pester you if you miss a post!

Carol Hinrichsen

I want to start mine this year too, but I live in Brazil and things take a while to get here... I already order (in december), but I think will arrived only in February... In the mean time I´m trying to take a picture everyday and write some notes....I hope you finish yours... your are a great inspiration to me!

ana roat

I'm waiting for the jumbo pack of page protectors to come back into stock so for the time being, I'm using an old power layout system by Creative Memories to keep track of the days until I receive the protectors. I initially thought there wasn't going to be enough for me to document on a daily basis with my husband traveling for work and the kids grown and on their own but surprisingly my days are still pretty busy. I also thought the core kit beautiful but a bit simple for my taste so I'm super excited that you are "dressing your pages up" a bit Nichol. For me, it helps document my love for scrapbooking so I too promise to keep you on track...I'll need the inspiration as well!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Ooooh thats going to be GREAT! Cant wait to see all your weeks posted. I know you can do it because YOU ARE JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE AMAZING!!!
Sending you HUGS!
ps you make us happy :)


I wish you so much luck. In know you can do it, but I also know it is a very hard thing to do. Last year I have tried to make a december daily and sadly I'm missing photo's of several days. I want to give it another try this year and maybe I will be able to finish the project.

Kellie Holte

I am SO GLAD that you are doing Project Life this year and letting us join you on your blog. I am waiting for my first ever (EXCITING!) Project Life Core Kit to come in the mail!! I'm really excited that following your progress will give me loads of inspiration! Thank you so much!

Sue Alg

Please keep it up Nichol because I just started my Project Life project and you will definitely be a source of inspiration.

I have both the digital format and the traditional paper format, so I don't have any excuses. I, too, have the Clementine edition and just love all the colors. I'm using my Silhouette to create a lot of embellishments and Kerri Bradford's creation are great.

I just wish the page protectors were back in stock, I'm just sewing up the 4x6 pockets to hold the smaller cards. One thing about the digital format you only need the 12x12 pockets.

Niki Estes

I can't wait to see more of your album, Nichol! I love seeing other people's take on the PL system.

Jaclyn Rench

Your cover page is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see how your weeks come together. Love all of the little details you've added, as always! I too, chose the Clementine core kit - LOVE it!


Question! I see you do alot of text with a copy behind (twenty, here). Is it an exact replication placed slightly off or do you enlarge the one behind? If so, how? I tried to create a word with a larger copy (5% larger) behind and it doesn't match up correctly. Hope that makes sense.


Yeah, way to go Nichol...I made it to February last year, with three of my four children out of the house it was hard to do it just with one child still home. I stalked him to get pictures, and finally gave up in February. Teenagers, they don't like pictures anymore...LOL

Megan -Best of Fates

So gorgeous!! I especially love the inclusion of legendary!


Ali also inspired me to "play" along this year as well. Good luck to you (and me)! Love what you've done so far.

Baby shoes

A huge clap for your thought and your work. It's inspiring me to live life happily. Thank you so much for doing this stuff and share with us.

Nichol Spohr LLC

its the same size just adhered slightly offset. I havent had any luck using the offset feature successfully.

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