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January 11, 2015



Too funny. I too decided to see what everyone has been talking about with the Walking Dead series. I caught up from season 1 to the first 8 episodes of season 5. I too am addicted.
Your quilts are gorgeous. Are you machine quilting?

tricia b

Please share more about your quilting! You have inspired me to get my sewing machine out again! I also craft to The Walking Dead! I did the same thing a few years ago, only had two seasons to get caught up on and became addicted. Our whole family watches it together. Thanks for sharing the quilt! It is beautiful!


I tried quilting once. It is not as forgiving as paper. I cannot believe women use to do this by hand.

Kirsten J

I'd love to see a post about your quilting stuff - you're so right....I quilt and cross stitch depending on my mood. I'm wondering what machine you have, and do you just have one? I struggle so much to quilt a big quilt....I have plenty of finished tops, but can't bring myself to pay someone to finish for me. And Walking Dead, lol - I hooked my husband last year on New Years. I begged him to just watch the first few episodes with me because I wanted to go back and watch them. Next thing I knew, it was 3 in the morning and he'd signed us up for Netflix and was into episode 5.

Mary-Anne V.

Beautiful quilt...love the design and patterns.


I love your quilting posts and have been inspired to get back to it myself. Looking forward to more, Nichol!

Beth Holt

Beautiful quilt! I bet your niece will treasure this gift (once she is old enough to appreciate it). I too enjoy sewing but never seem to make time for it. Thanks for the reminder to do other crafty things.

Nichol Spohr LLC

Yes, I machine quilt.

Nichol Spohr LLC

There is absolutely NO WAY I would ever quilt by hand. I don’t have the patience for it! LOL

Nichol Spohr LLC

I only have one machine. About three years ago my husband purchased theJanome Memory Craft 7700QCP Sewing Quilting Machinefor me when my third “cheap” Singer machine quit working. We decided to invest in a good machine since I really wanted to quilt and it was one of the best purchases we ever made. I did a lot of research before purchasing and this has been a good machine for my purposes. I’ve never been happier and it sews like a dream.
It has a large throat and I’ve quilted a queen size quilt on it no problem. :) It’s fantastic.

Loly Borda

I'd love to see more of your quilting, doing it is on my bucket's list. It would be great if you can make a video as your videos and explanations are so clear. Thank you!

S. Molinari

Beautiful quilt! I love to make quilts, although I go old school and hand quilt. It really doesn't take that long and it's very relaxing ;)


Gorgeous quilt. I often like to leave the paper and work with fabric to make a quilt. I like to quilt by hand as well as machine too.
Keep up the good work!


That is really a beautiful quilt! You did a fabulous job on it. When my son was born my mom and I 'fake' quilted a Noah's Ark quilt for him. We just bought the stuff at Fabricland and it came in panels with matching fabric. We bought cotton quilting to put in the middle and that was it. Just a small one but we did a whole set to match. I won't give it away cause I love it but I don't think it was really 'quilting!'

Cindy Groh

beautiful. i love this pattern and the colors you chose. i too am making a quilt this year. the pieces are cut and partially assembled however, my quilting diva is a snowbird and had to make her way to florida for the winter. so the project is to be continued. just thought i'd share.


I love the quilt...so beautiful and perfect for a little girl. I wish I could sew like that because my friend and her husband are about to adopt a little baby girl in a few weeks. I'd love to make one for her.

Glad you enjoyed The Walking Dead...It is such a good show.


I remember when you first started posting quilt projects and I am about to try my hand at my first quilt. Craftsy is a great resource - thanks for pointing us toward that. Also, you might want to put the AQS Paducah Quilt Show on your bucket list. Might be a bit far for you to travel but it is so worth it. I try to make this show every year but am only 4 hours away.

Jeannine Brenner

Beautiful quilt! From posting on Instagram you have inspired me to jump in! I have wanted to learn for a while but never had the time! I used to drag my gram to the fabric store but then she passed away last summer! Now my husband takes me to the store and helps me pick out fabric....he is so proud of the few lillyle projects that I've made! I haven't done a quilt yet...want to learn a bit more! Craftsy is a great site! Well, that's my story! You inspired me, so thank you! Can't wait to see your next masterpiece!

Nichol Spohr LLC

I’m so glad you’re enjoying sewing and that your husband enjoys your projects! That is awesome!


In the midst of paper crafting I enjoy quilting too! Don't feel bad about being late with this quilt! I started one for my almost 2 year old grandson and just gave it to him. Just in time for him to move out of his crib! All I needed to do was get the dang binding on. Would love you to continue posting about your sewing projrcts! And by the way your quilt is Beautiful!

Nicole Parmentier

Wow, this is such a great gift for your niece. Beautiful!! I have a hand-stitched quild from my mother who passed away a few years ago. I think it is the most precious thing I own. It gives so much comfort physically and emotionally. You did an awesome job!!

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